Social Media Debates Sparked After The Success of Tamer Hosny’s Latest Movie

Tamer Hosny is hands down one of the most popular celebrities in the Arab World. There is no argument about his success, whether it’s in his acting or singing careers. He’s been at the top of his game for the past two decades, and he’s been making a lot of headlines recently after he broke the Guinness World Record for the biggest board signed by fans of a celebrity.

Since “Omar W Salma” he’s been recognized as one of the region’s A-listers, and his previous movie El Badla broke the box office in Egypt and the Arab World. However, that wasn’t the case with his latest movie, “Felos”.

Although the movie was highly anticipated because of its very promising line-up of stars and the intriguing trailer, the final product sparked many debates. The movie features stars like Zeina, Khaled El Sawy, and a special appearance from Ahmed El Sakka; who alongside Tamer Hosny raised the bar to the sky.

Some took it to Social Media platforms to argue that the movie failed to deliver what was expected; making a trending hashtag that questions the success of the movie. On the other hand, the ever-increasing fanbase of the superstar took the other side of the debate, arguing that the other groups are just haters and that the movie is amazing.

Since we won’t be taking sides in this debate, here are two different reviews from two of the leading film reviewers in the region.

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