What You Missed: The Magical Closing of the 39th Cairo International Film Festival



If you’ve been living under a rock, and haven’t heard of the gigantic buzz around the epic closing of the Cairo International Film Festival, worry not, because I’m going to enlighten you. The 39th edition of the annual film festival was, by all means, memorable for all the right reasons!




To begin with, not only stars from the Middle East attended the festival, international icons also did, and all of us were literally shook! Hollywood front liners who attended the closing ceremony included; Hilary Swank, Adrien Brody, and international megastar Nicolas Cage. We don’t need to mention that the distinguished actors are Academy Award winners!



Critics and the media commented on how this edition of the festival was exceptionally well organized and polished, and some argued that a huge credit for this goes back to the media powerhouse! DMC literally took the festival to the next level, not only by organizing it, but also by their comprehensive coverage and exposure. Fortunately, they’re going to sponsor the festival for at least two more years to come!


Dr. Magda Wassef, CIFF president, Youssef Cherif Rizkallah, Artistic Director of the festival, and Hisham Sulliman, CEO of DMC TV Channels were present at the signing ceremony of the cooperative and partnership protocol.


The participating movies were just as big as the legacy of the festival, which resulted in the fierce competition they had for the prestigious awards. The four competitions were Cinema of Tomorrow International Prizes, International Critic’s Week Prizes, Horizons of New Arab Cinema Prizes, and the Official Competition Prizes.


The Intruder.
Via FilmitaliaNella foto Raffaella Giordano.
foto di Gianni Fiorito
Questa fotografia è solo per uso editoriale, il diritto d’autore è della società cinematografica e del fotografo assegnato dalla società di produzione del film e può essere riprodotto solo da pubblicazioni in concomitanza con la promozione del film.
E’ obbligatoria la menzione dell’autore- fotografo: Gianni Fiorito.


Leonardo Di Costanzo won the Golden Pyramid for Best Film Presented to the Producer, for his movie “The Intruder”! While Laura Mora won The Silver Pyramid-Special Jury Prize for Best Director for her movie “Killing Jesus”. Raouf ben Omar won the prize for best actor for his performance in “Tunis By Night”. And Diamand abou Abboud won the prize for best actress for her performance in “Insyriated”.



People have also noticed that nearly all the actresses who have attended the closing ceremony wore black to pay condolences to the late Shadia. Ma3boodet el Gamaheer passed away during the week of the festival; which happened to be dedicated to her prominent and celebrated career.



WE SAID THIS: A true celebration of the magic of cinema in the land of history!