Lindsay Lohan Wishing the UAE a Happy National Day Is the Best Fail of 2017


Okay so, everyone in the United Arab Emirates celebrated the much-loved National Day last Saturday.


From big brands to citizens in the street, and of course, celebs. Stars took to their social media to show how much they loved the UAE — some, however, went a bit extra.


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Our favorite khawaga with I’m-An-Arab complex, Lindsay Lohan, posted a picture on her Instagram saying, “Happy 46th National Day UAE.” The sentiment seemed nice, except there was one big fat problem…


The Mean Girls star was wearing a top that had Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra on it. Although we’re quite sure Lohan had nothing but good intentions, but Cleopatra has nothing to do with the UAE. Yes, Cleopatra might be seen as Arab (by some foreigners) because of her being an Egyptian queen or so, but she wasn’t even Egyptian — she was Greek.



WE SAID THIS: We still love you, Lohan, and we honestly needed this.