What to Do in Case of a Power Outage During the Coronavirus Quarantine

The coronavirus pandemic has ruined many lives since it started a couple of months ago. It took away jobs, closed down small businesses, and destroyed many families, among other things.

There is panic everywhere. People are running out emptying stores and wreaking havoc. The governments in almost every country are urging their citizens to remain inside their own homes.

It would be great if the problems ended there, but they don’t. You can’t even stay at home in peace. Sometimes there are power outages, and many other crises going on. However, you can get prepared immediately to keep everything running in your house as soon as possible with these few tips.

Store Enough Water

Water is one of the most necessary things you need to survive a prolonged power outage.

Firstly, think about drinking water. Professionals recommend that an adult drink an average of eight glasses of water every single day. Now, most people drink a couple glasses of water, and some might go even above eight. But whether you drink more or less doesn’t matter, having at least eight glasses of water for every person for at least a week or two should be enough. You should also keep extra drinking water for cooking purposes

Secondly, you will need to have enough water for bathing, cleaning, and other purposes. Look at the water bills to see how much is used every month on an average, and store at least half that amount.

Have Emergency Foods

After water, food is one of the most important things you need to store. The reason is that you can’t really microwave a frozen pizza, or cook something on the stove. Even if your oven is gas-powered, chances are that gas could be cut off too, during an outage.

You need to think of your favorite foods that have a very long shelf life, preferably over 6 months. Unfortunately, all of these will be packaged foods, but most of them taste really good. You can get canned foods, beef jerky packages, and other goods to survive an extended outage.

Install Backup Power Generator

The most essential item you need for a power outage during the virus is a generator to keep your home running.

Now, how do you pick a generator? That is easy. First, you need to take out your electricity bills for the past few months and figure out how much you use. Second, calculate an average value of the bills to come up with an estimated monthly cost. Third, try to look for a generator that can provide at least a quarter or more of that value.

A quarter will keep you running for a week, but there are many ways to save electricity and keep it running for a longer time. You can find an excellent generator of many price ranges at an affordable price on AlltimePower.

Keep Emergency Lights

Whether you get a generator or not, it might be useful to keep at least half a dozen emergency lights stored in the house. These would include flashlights and bigger lighting items. They will need to be rechargeable or battery operated. You also need to stock up on as many batteries as you can, and store them in a dry place away from sunlight.

Invest In a Battery-Powered Radio

When everything is going on, your mobile may run out of charge, the TV may not be working, and there are barely any other sources of information. That is why you need to have a battery-powered radio device. It can keep you entertained, and the news channels can give the latest reports.

WE SAID THIS: A back-up plan is always a good idea!