What is Tameem Youness Really Saying With His New Viral Hit ‘Salmonella’

It’s only the second day of 2020, and we already have a new song by Tameem Youness! We all know what that means; social media is on fire yet again. The 3-minute-song also features Egyptian singer Mahmoud El Esseily.

Via YouTube

While some saw ‘Salmonella’ as their favorite song of the new year because it depicts the insecurities of male lovers once they get rejected, and how they cannot take no for an answer, there were others who did not enjoy the satire and got deeply offended, explaining that it encourages post-breakup harassment and disregards women’s consent in our culture.

A few hours after the video went live, Tameem posted another video on his Facebook account clarifying to everyone that he is using satire in his video to ridicule men who get defensive once they are rejected, and that it is not against women.

Via YouTube

On the other hand, there were people who simply chose to enjoy the funny video and catchy music, without giving the lyrics much thought.

We said this: What did YOU think of the song?

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