Video of Woman Getting Attacked by Mob in Mansoura on New Year’s Eve Sparks Debate Yet Again

For the zillionth time, a video of a girl being sexually harassed in Egypt has gone viral. This time, it was a mob-led sexual assault in Al Mansoura, on new year’s eve.

The video shows dozens of men sexually harassing a woman who is screaming and trying to get inside a car. She finally gets inside with the help of a few.

With the spread of the video came the regular comments blaming the victim for how she was dressed, and claiming that she deserves to be harassed because she was ‘inappropriately dressed’.

On Thursday morning, Egyptian MP Anisa Hassouna made a sarcastic tweet saying that what happened in Al Mansoura, during the new year eve’s celebrations, shows that Egyptians are truly “religious by nature”.

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Although there have been several initiatives to combat sexual harassment, it has been a growing problem in Egypt and celebrations are always a time for potential harassment complaints and incidents.

While there are laws that punish sexual harassment, the reactions to these incidents prove that there is still a strong need for major cultural reform.

We said this: It’s high time this ends!