What Are The Israelis Doing In Cyprus? Thousands Of Acres Purchased After October 7

Since October 7, there have been reports made by Sabahattin Ismail on Jews-estimated in thousands-flocking to the Turkish Cypriot side of Cyprus purchasing acres of land.

Cyprus, a country located south of the Anatolian Peninsula, its south is facing Egypt from the Mediterranean Sea which was annexed by Turkey in 1974 into the Republic of the South and The Turkish Republic which is not recognized internationally. Recently, The Turkish government in Northern Cyprus responded to concerns about Jews buying land in Cyprus by flagging purchases.

Mass purchases have been called out in the continuous social media posts of Turkish journalist Sabahattin Ismail who was an adviser to the president of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Ismail has been extensively publishing sales records, and registries as evidence that Jews from Israel and Europe are actively buying land and houses after the war on Gaza began. In addition, some Turkish media reported that 35,000 Jews bought 2,500 hectares of land in northern Cyprus. Northern Cyprus has a population of only 380,000.

That’s being stopped, reported Middle East Eye, with a United Nations resolution saying that property in the territory occupied since unlawful 1974 Turkish invasions belongs to the rightful owners, most of them Greek-Cypriots.

According to Middle East Eye, Ersin Tatar, the current head of the Turkish Republic in Northern Cyprus administration, said he was worried by the allegations and his security advisers were looking into them. 

“We have some steps and measures that will be taken against [these sales],” Tatar said on Friday. 

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