In Line With Yemen, Malaysia Bans Israeli Ships From Docking In Its Ports

Malaysia as a devout supporter of Palestine has previously stood in the face of violations inflicted on the Palestinian people. The Muslim majority country has been going on rallies, and protests for Palestine. Having no diplomatic ties with Israel, Malaysia has condemned the war on Gaza since the start of the attacks, and now its president Anwar decided to ban all Israel flagged ships at Malaysia ports.

Now Malaysia is joining the Yemeni’s in their blockade of Israeli ships, as a way of negatively impacting the Israeli economy. Malaysia has banned on Wednesday Israeli flagged ships from docking at its ports in response to Israel’s actions in Gaza, which it said ignores “basic humanitarian principles.” Ships on their way to Israel will also be barred from loading cargo at any port in the largely Muslim Southeast Asian nation with immediate effect, said the Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim in a statement.

In addition to this, Anwar singled out Israel’s biggest shipping firm ‘Zim’. The Israel shipping industry is already reeling from the war, with Houthi rebels in Yemen attacking ships passing by that country to enter the Red Sea, the southern gateway to the Suez Canal. The rebel group announced that it would hit any ship heading to Israel or linked to it.

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