What are the Advantages of Traveling in the Winter?

The coronavirus may have kiboshed travel plans for backpackers and prospective global travelers – 2021 saw many would-be travelers volunteering to fill the gap – but the return of international travel has heralded a new era of global travel. You may be thinking of planning your own backpacking trip, figuring out the best route and what you can afford; before you make any concrete decisions, you should know that your traveling expedition or backpacking trip doesn’t always need to take place in the summer months. Indeed, traveling in the winter comes with its own set of perks, which could elevate your holiday experience completely. Here are some of the best reasons to consider taking your traveling holiday during the wintertime.

Traveling is Easier

For starters, you’ll find it far easier to travel around in the winter than you might think. Countries in the Northern Hemisphere all experience colder months in the same period of time, which tend to turn off visitors – resulting in a “low season” for tourism. Traveling during this off-peak season means easier time booking tickets for transport, and less time spent battling through crowds in interchanges or areas that might usually be tourist-magnets. This is a godsend for the earnest traveler, who gets to experience places that might usually be brimming with visitors in an entirely different, potentially more authentic light.

Of course, the same can be said for the Southern Hemisphere, but their low season is on the opposite side of the year – April to August, as opposed to Nov. to March in the Northern Hemisphere. If you’re embarking on a global trip of sorts, managing your destinations to fall in the off-season of each Hemisphere could give you a far easier time.

Cheaper Journeys

Not only might you have an easier time traveling, but also a much more affordable one too. Another side-effect of the decreased demand for travel during the winter can be found in the price of travel, as airlines and travel agencies reduce their prices to attract more business in the quieter months. This is especially true of resort destinations such as Gran Canaria, making it all the more affordable for you to spend a little extra and travel in comfort – with cheaper flights, you may be able to justify a private transfer from Gran Canaria airport to your accommodation! This reduction in cost can make all the difference to your travel budget either way and make for a much richer holiday than one in which you’re paying full whack for everything.

New Festive Experiences

Last but certainly not least, traveling in the winter can expose you to festive traditions you may never have otherwise seen. Traveling through Germany will take you to Volksfests and Christmas markets like no other, while Barcelona’s 3 Kings Parade in Jan. has to be seen to be believed!

There you have it, while you can travel during summer, winter trips will create such inimitable experiences.

WE SAID THIS: Traveling is a great year-round experience, but it is best done in the winter!