This Is What Arab OCD Really Looks Like

Sometimes the Middle East’s mayhem is too much to handle. If you are an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder victim and live amongst Arabs, rest assured, there are hidden therapeutic gems everywhere you go.

Here is proof that Arabs are repressed organizing junkies:



Perfectly rolled vine leaves! Your mom can roll around 200 pieces and by some unexplained force, they all end up the same size and shape





We all know the exquisite palm-shaped island in Dubai, but did you ever take a close look at each palm frond? They are OCD perfection





The mouthwatering assortments of nuts in markets all over the Middle East





Those Ramadan lanterns of different geometric dimensions, yet somehow they harmoniously fit side by side for a whole month no matter how many get sold





If you have been suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder all your life, you need to head to the souq in Marrakesh; those perfectly arranged colored Moroccan slippers will leave you sleeping like a baby for days





This is the most stress relieving thing you can come across while driving home from work





No matter how messy filling up glasses with freshly squeezed juice can get, they are ALWAYS immaculately displayed





This can’t be a coincidence; this must be a repetition disorder





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