We’ve Been Eating Sushi the Wrong Way Our Whole lives

We’re sorry to tell you, but you’ve been most probably eating sushi the wrong way your whole life. Renowned Japanese celebrity Chef and Owner of Nobu Restaurant, Nobu Matsuhisa, has changed our sushi experience forever.

Via Secret London

The chef, known for fusion cuisine, blending traditional Japanese dishes with Peruvian ingredients, explained it all in a viral video for Business Insider. Apparently, there is a traditional Japanese way to devour your sushi that guarantees exploring each ingredient separately.

So, we’ve got three shocks for you. One: You don’t dip the whole Nigiri in the soy sauce, you literally just touch the sauce with your fish side. Two: The wasabi does not go into the sauce, you put some on your chopsticks. Three: You start your meal with the lighter fish and eat you way to the more oily ones.


WE SAID THIS: Try to get a grip and leave those amazing and mouth-watering fried rolls for last.