We Got a Pre-Release Sneak Peek of Disney’s $100M ‘Artemis Fowl’ and Here’s Our 2 Cents!

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We got exclusive access to Disney’s latest feature film, “Artemis Fowl”, an adaptation of the series of children’s books by Irish author, Eoin Colfer. The movie is set to be released on Disney+ on June 12th, and will hit OSN Movies First and OSN’s streaming service on the 13th!

The film follows the fantastical story of 12-year-old prodigy, Artemis Fowl II, as he battles the fairies and searches for his missing father. Young Artemis comes from a long line of criminal masterminds, including his father, Artemis Fowl I, whose kidnapper is searching for the all-powerful Aculos, a magical device revered by the fairies.

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The $100 million production takes you on a strange journey into a fantasy world that in many ways reflects society in our own world, touching on themes of identity, race, and acceptance, as well as the need for all of us to believe in a little magic sometimes. In true Disney form, the movie carries a message, one of understanding and unity, of not judging others too quickly, of family bonds and secrets, and most importantly, that magic exists.

Directed by Kenneth Branagh and adapted by Conor McPherson and Hamish McColl, the movie stars Ferdia Shaw as Artemis II, Lara McDonnell as Holly Short, Colin Farrell as Artemis I, and Oscar Winner Dame Judi Dench playing fairy Commander Julius Root.

There have been a few delays regarding the release date due to the current circumstances, but the movie is finally here and definitely worth a watch with your little ones.

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