Watch Chris Martin Give a Heartfelt Speech on Peace in Gaza!

In light of the current situation that is taking place in Palestine; the Gaza-Israeli fighting continues, leaving hundreds and thousands of Palestinian men, women and especially little children dead or severely injured. Israel has always purposely targeted the people of Gaza with fresh air-strikes while the world turns a blind eye to the ongoing human rights violations. But, in spite of the horrific reality that we’re living in, there’s always hope.

Coldplay recently launched their new album, “Everyday Life”, with two amazing concerts in Amman, and the band has always been vocal in supporting the Palestinian cause, promoting justice for the Palestinians in their music; back in 2011, Coldplay released a music video, “Freedom for Palestine”, on their Facebook page and it went viral.

And guess what? They did it again this year! Chris Martin gave the most heartfelt speech while playing in Jordan last weekend, advocating peace and equal rights for all; scroll down to check out the full video below.

The night Saeed Omar got Chris Martin to #SingForGaza #ColdplayJordan

Posted by Nada Hanieh on Saturday, November 23, 2019
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