Watch and Learn: Arab YouTubers That Will Make You Smarter

Via YouTube

By Sarah Alblowi

ASMR, AKA brain cell slaughtering videos, is sadly the biggest hype on the Internet. Watching people chew loudly isn’t exactly what we call educational. But I’m here to defend Mr.YouTube and shed some light on innovative channels, that make learning a piece of cake instead of videos that dumb us down. Accessible knowledge through screens should get more recognition, that’s why we’re bringing you Arab Youtube videos you can learn from.

Fadi Younes

Based in Canada, Fadi speaks his truth through his experiences as a Jordanian living abroad. Sharing messages of eye-opening content about immigration and touchy topics in a positive inviting manner. His channel tries to help Arabs follow in his footsteps.


Human head transplant is her most viewed video, so you can only imagine how creative this girls content is. Explore the human anatomy and astonishing medical facts through the eyes of this doctor.


Psychology and all the creepy mind tricks our brains play on us. If you’re into conspiracy theories and human nature, with a sprinkle of chemistry, physics, and math, then this is your channel.


Via Da7ee7

Why do men have nipples? Or what are the benefits of smoking? If you’re wondering, check out this channel for crazy topics’ analysis, backed up with facts and loads of research.   

Hashem Al-Ghaili

The Yemeni science video producer and TED speaker shares his scientific breakthroughs on YouTube. From cancer cells to heart attacks, using innovative research and infographics to express objectives in short, yet highly enlightening content.


All technology geeks need this! With the technology industry evolving at the speed of light, stay up to date with the latest technology comparisons, releases, and inventions. Skilled or not, you’ll learn basics like how to save a damaged phone, planning your next purchase, and other crazy cool tech stuff.


Etiquette to positivity is everything school didn’t teach you. Lucky for you, this channel will help you get ready for your first job interview, professionalism, and carrying out a healthy mindset. If you’re a fan of activist Ahmed Al Shugair’s Khawater, this is just as uplifting.

WE SAID THIS: No more stupid challenges and ASMR videos, please!