Wa Hekaya: Farah Emara Brings Back Headwear Fashion with Her Latest Brand


A decade ago, the fashion scene in Egypt may have been fledging but now it seems like we’re on our way to a full blown fashion industry. From names such as Okhtein turning heads on an international level, to local designers such as Indira making a name for themselves. The latest addition to the fashion industry is Wa Hekaya, and we’re simply in love.



The brainchild of Farah Emara; the new brand was inspired by Mesopotamia, the ancient Arab region where headwear fashion was a way of life. Wa Hekaya aims to bring back just that into our present day.



Emara sees headwear as a tool for Arab women to show off their power while looking regal at the same time. “Wa Hekaya is not just a brand or a product, it’s an expression of who you are and who you choose to be,”  the 21-year-old lifestyle blogger told us.



It’s quite obvious from the stunning shoot that Emara plans to establish headwear as an essential accessory to every woman’s #OOTD.



Wa Hekaya’s Instagram leaves no room for questions. Beautiful portraits of different women, with different stories, wearing different headwear pieces flood the page. Some have crystal to express strength, or petals to show vulnerability.



It was about time headwear returns to fashion, all thanks to Emara for bringing it back with such an empowering manner!


WE SAID THIS: Photography by Karim Sherif, Makeup by Mayar Magdy, Hair by Heclev and Hewart, Styling by Mostafa Waheed.