‘Voices from the Tunnels’ Exhibition in London in Depicting Hostage Life in Gaza

This week in London, a one-of-a-kind exhibition called ‘Voices from the Tunnels’ has stirred controversy over social media. It’s an attempt to depict the life of the 150 hostages held by Hamas during the Gaza genocide. The exhibition was inspired by their narratives.

Via TimesofIsrael

Artists have created installations that ‘allegedly’ bring to life the reality of Hamas tunnels, where the Palestinian group operates and hides hostages. They feature masked Hamas members, a foreboding claustrophobic atmosphere, and bloodshed.

According to Reuters, one visitor of the exhibition whose mother was held captive found it triggering and left the exhibition in tears upon seeing a graphic representation of what her family member must have gone through.

Contrarily, the head of the Palestinian Mission to the UK, based in London, Husam Zomlot, is dismissive of the exhibition, saying it is Israeli propaganda. “They have lied about everything down the road. I do not take any of Israeli propaganda seriously,” he told Reuters.

The ‘lies’ Zomlot mentions refers to are IDF confessing it had killed its own Israeli citizens during the Nova festival attack on October 7th. Interestingly, the exhibition displays footage from the festival attack to further demonize Hamas.

Via Standard.uk

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