Vodafone Music ‘Helm El Ghona’ Competition is Starting Strong With Megastar Amr Diab

What’s the best advice you can give to an amateur singer? Well, just like everyone else, a talented person with a dream but no real idea of how to make it happen, and with no clear path to success is somehow stressful. But one must find a way to let their talent be known and not just sit back and wait for the odds to play out in their favor. Especially in the music industry, there’s no certain path where everyone takes to fame and success. But have no worries because we’re here to guide you by shedding light on Egypt’s strongest singing competition, Helm El Ghona, launched by Vodafone MUSIC and solely dedicated to amateur singers. Two lucky winners will be picked out to take a further step and make their dreams come true and sing alongside the Superstar Amr Diab!

Make sure to check out the video below and follow the registration instructions so you can be one step closer to achieving your dream!

There’s no argument that Helm El Ghona is definitely starting strong this year with Amr Diab. We can’t wait to see how the competition will play out. 

One last piece of advice to all amateur and talented singers out there: no one really knows exactly how fame comes about, but you need to go out there, stay persistent, and keep working until you make your dreams come true.

WE SAID THIS: Good luck to all!