Vodafone Egypt’s Latest Campaign Will Give You Superpowers

via Vodafone


Have you ever wished that you could have your very own super power? Duuh, of course you did. Well, Vodafone Egypt is giving you just that, thanks to their new Flex bundle that grants all its users superpowers. You probably came across the campaign, as their teasers have been flooding our timelines and spreading like wildfire everywhere.

However, if you haven’t stumbled upon any of their videos just yet — we understand why the news of acquiring superpowers would be hard to believe, which is why we’re giving you all the proof you need through footage caught on camera (watch below).



Vodafone Egypt’s latest campaign took the Internet by storm, from social media influencers, celebrities, to radio and tv shows, capturing and sharing the videos. Basically everyone is obsessing over the Super Flex ads.

The videos show different people who seem like your Average Joe (or Jane), but then their superpowers get revealed and everything changes! One of the videos, for instance, shows a girl walking into an elevator then suddenly the elevator stops and she walks through the elevator door like
a ghost.




One of the superpowers you shall obtain is that you’ll never waste another megabyte using WhatsApp ever again. In other words, you’ll get to enjoy Whatsapp for free until you reach the end of your bundle — AKA non-stop texting! Just like the cinema lady below, nothing will get in the way of your texting



What is even more enticing is that you can enjoy your unused flexes that are left over when you update your bundle, and they’ll still remain valid until your next renewal date (WE KNOW, RIGHT?).

All what you have to do is renew your bundle by the end of the fourth week. It really does sound like you can never really lose with Vodafone Super Flex!


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