Viral Video of a British Woman Attacking a Morrocan Chicken Seller Sparks Outrage!

Via Daily Mail

A video went viral of a British tourist attacking a chicken seller in a Morrocan market sparking outrage and controversy. Some people praise the woman for taking a courageous step to save the chicken. Many commenters condemned her for being violent, insulting the people in the market, and imposing her culture on Morrocans. On the other hand, the police who came and took her said she suffered from hysteria and took her to a hospital rather than arresting her.

The video takes place in a market in Tangiers as a British woman saw chicken locked in a cage and decided to take action. The video shows the British tourist telling the locals that they are “fu**ing thick” and that they can’t “fu**ing read”. After harassing and fighting with the chicken seller, she tried to open the cage and set the chicken free. As the man tries to stop her, she begins biting his hand! She was also seen throwing punches at him and the locals.

The people were very toleratant of her violent actions and her constant insults and middle fingers, and the chicken seller didn’t even press charges against her. The woman seems to understand that chickens are being sold and eaten in every part of the world (including her own country of course) and that the man she was attacking probably doesn’t have the privilege to pick the source of income that will feed him and his family.

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