Violence Marks Egypt Cycling Championship as Cyclist Allegedly Attacks Competing Athlete

On what should have been a normal cycling tournament in Egypt, with cyclists whizzing through to get to the finish line, something unexpected happened. Cyclist national team player Shahd Saeed allegedly attacked another player, Janna Eliwa, during the final moments of the race.

Cameras caught all the action as Saeed was seen shoving Eliwa onto the side of the road, which resulted in Eliwa falling onto the pavement. Such a heavy attack left Eliwa with a concussion, several fractures, and some bruises.

The matter didn’t go unnoticed, and action was taken by Eliwa’s sister, former national team player Habiba Eliwa, who filed a formal complaint to the Ministry of Youth and Sports in which she accused Saeed of attempted murder.

It’s still unknown how the Ministry will respond to the incident that happened during Egypt’s Women’s National Cycling Championship, knowing that Saeed doesn’t have a previous track record of harming her opponents. With time and through a proper investigation, a proper decision will be made.

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