Racing to New Heights: Saudi Arabia’s Gravity-Defying F1 Track

Unlocking everyone’s Fast & Furious dreams, the new Qiddiya circuit will join the F1 calendar in 2027. The track is insane, unlike any that have existed before. Boasting a 21-turn design, it mixes street and circuit racing elements with never-before-seen features.

Interweaving through the entertainment areas of the city, racers driving across it will see everything from a Six Flags amusement park to a see-through pool hanging over the track.

One of the coolest parts of the entire track is called the “Blade”, a section that rises up 70 meters above a music venue. It has never been featured before on any circuit in the world.

It’s fun and kaleidoscopic, just like a Mario Kart circuit. An entire city will be built around it, making it one of the most interactive and lively circuits that’ll ever be built. Stay tuned as the circuit is expected to play host to the country’s grand prix before the end of the decade.

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