Vietnamese Belly Dancer Phi Yen Loses Her Life Over EGP 5K

The body of 26-year-old Vietnamese belly dancer Phi Yen, was found dead in an apartment building in New Cairo. 

The dancer hasn’t been in Egypt for long. She came to the country six months ago in order to pursue her desired career as a belly dancer. 

Yen’s body was found after the Fifth Settlement Police Department received a report that a female body has been found and after examinations, more information was released about the victim. 

Authorities got ahold of nearby surveillance footage and eventually were led to a suspect. The suspect had told Yen that he was a well-known Tik Tok personality, and agreed to shoot a video with her to then share on his Tik Tok account in exchange for EGP 5,000.

Supposedly, the video was supposed to help Yen become more known in Egypt and help her kickstart her career. 

The suspect then said that Yen requested he give her back the money she paid him, so he lured her into an apartment and assaulted her. He said that he did not intend to kill her, but only wanted her to sign a paper to ensure he will get paid. When she decided to leave the apartment, he beat her to her death.

Yen was a dancer, a teacher, and an architect. She received her bachelor’s degree in architecture, but went on to pursue belly dancing as a profession.  

In an Instagram post, she expressed her love for belly dancing, explaining that she initially started dancing to get in better shape and to work on her body, but then fell in love with it.

She left her job as an architect to go after the career she truly wanted.

“I can’t say how much belly dancing has changed my life. It was not easy but, despite it being challenging and difficult, it totally changed my body, my mind and my life and most importantly I am in love with it and passionate about it,” she said in an Instagram post.

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