Using Jameed, a Traditional Jordanian Yoghurt, This Chef is Recreating an Ancient Work of Art

Earlier this month, Amman Design Week came to the Jordanian capital, and with it came a play on Jordan’s traditional cuisine and heritage. Chef Omar Sartawi introduced an unorthodox piece of art using Jordan’s traditional yoghurt, Jameed.

For those of you unfamiliar Jameed, it is a salty Bedouin dairy produce made from goat’s milk and is the main ingredient of Jordan’s national dish, mansaf.

Sartawi announced ahead of Amman Design Week that he will be recreating a replica of the renowned Ain Ghazal statue using Jameed.

The two-headed bust was named after the archaeological site where it was first discovered. The statue is considered to be the earliest representation of human on such a scale. The original bust can be found in Louvre Abu Dhabi.

For six consecutive months, Chef Sartawi worked tirelessly on his sculpture. Although the end product is similar in texture to stone, it is still fragile manifesting Sartawi’s view on cultural heritage onto his work.

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