Urban Gardening: 10 Easy-to-Care-For House Plants to Get You Started

Out of experience, one of the best additions you can make to your house is a plant. With an abundance of options, you can choose a pretty one, or one with medicinal benefits, another as a decorative piece, or even to take care of it as a new companion and watch it grow. And just like greener surroundings usually make us feel better and give us a sense of relaxation, having a plant at home will create the same atmosphere around you.

Scroll down to learn about some of our favorite house plants, and decide which one you plan on buying!

Chinese Evergreen

This is one of the most popular house plants because they’re easy to take care of, act as excellent air purifiers, and tolerate both low light and bright spots.

Allure Geraniums

If you have a terrace, these will be your ideal option, they look pretty, will color your terrace, and they’re very cheap too!


Add a delightful aroma to your house with this easy-to-grow plant at home. Remember to water it regularly, and make sure it gets enough sunlight!


It’s usually best to place them near a window so they get the light they need to bloom. These red beauties will decorate your home, and will not cost you too much money.

English Ivy

Whether in a container or in a hanging basket, English Ivy is a climbing vine, and one of the most beautiful houseplants because it can form an attractive cover over the walls of your house.


Choose a sunny spot at home and enjoy the lavender plant’s amazing fragrance. This one will definitely be a wonderful addition to your house.

Lucky Bamboo

via millee

As the name suggests, this plant is known for bringing good luck, and who wouldn’t want a little lucky charm at home? It’s also very easy to take care of, and adds a nice decorative touch wherever it’s placed.

Elephant Ear

Also getting its name from the way it looks, its large heart-shaped leaves give it a unique look, and add a tropical feel to the house. The more water this plant gets, the better it will grow.

Moth Orchid

Moth Orchids are floral works of art, adding a special style to your home. Take care of it and watch it bloom!

String of Pearls

Just like a normal string of pearls, this one is the same but green. These bead-like leaves grow fast, and look very unique. They can be grown in hanging pots or baskets, or kept on shelves.

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