UN’s Initiative ‘Cook For Syria’ Is Finally Coming to Dubai

In collaboration with Unicef’s Children of Syria Fund, London-based founder ClerkenwellBoy will be in the Dubai for an event which aims to help protect Syrian children. The initiative is also finally bringing CookForSyria to Dubai after it has been all around the world.

Via Popsugar

On Friday, March 2nd, Dubai’s progressive and experiential dining space concept, INKED, will open its doors for a 4-course dinner at 8:00pm with dishes inspired by the #CookForSyriaRecipeBook. The inspiring global fundraising initiative, CookForSyria is set to expand its mission into the region, with a series of activations taking place during the 2018 Dubai Food Festival.

CookForSyria first launched as a simple dinner club between foodie friends who want to celebrate Syrian cuisine and raise money to help UNICEF protect Syrian children, and everything escalated from then. So far, more than 50 restaurants have gotten involved, 200 supper clubs and bake sales have taken place, and 100 recipes have been donated to help make CookForSyria a success around the world.

Via CookForSyria

“We hope that through the #CookForSYRIA campaign we will not only be able to raise much needed money for Unicef’s Children of Syria Fund, we will also increase awareness of the plight of children in the war-torn country. Through cooking, sharing recipes and the power of social media, we invite everyone to help make a difference and positive contribution towards this important initiative,” said ClerkenwellBoy.

WE SAID THIS: We love the initiatives being taken towards helping Syrian children.