Unlocking The Secrets Of The Trade: An Insight Into What It Takes To Become A Writer

Whether it’s on a piece of paper or a laptop keyboard, writing is one of the most enjoyable ways to express one’s emotions and feelings; it may even become one’s career. There useful tips to get you started on your journey and develop into a top-notch writer. We figured that interviewing two different writers would be the most effective way to learn more about what a writer’s profession entails.

When asked about what made them choose writing as a career, Kenzy Tarek expressed that reading has always been her passion, “as I got older, I started coming up with my own thoughts that I felt like I wanted to document. I think it was during my last couple of years in high school that I decided to give writing a shot.” This passion has led Tarek to start her blog @libraryofk and become a freelance copywriter. She believes that writing can become one’s remedy as she sees that “a thought in your head can consume you but once you put it on paper, It is no longer this massive thing inside your head, it’s out in the world where it is small.”

BBC journalist and podcast producer, Omnia Elkhayat walked us through her journey to establish such a wonderful career. ElKhayat mentioned that she grew up falling in love with speaking and written words until she wrote her first novel when she was only 16. While establishing her superb career, she discovered some tricks to mature consciously as a writer and a journalist.

Among these tricks is how diligence usually overcomes talent. This is due to the fact that, even if you have exceptional writing talent, relying solely on it will not allow you to succeed. In order to develop this gift, you must also exercise your intellect, hand muscles, and creativity. Also, writing your own diaries is a magic instrument to become a professional writer and journalist. This is possible by deciding to write down what happened to you on a regular basis. This method, ElKhayat believes will broaden your vocabulary and boost your capacity for description because as a writer and journalist, description is a vital and indispensable weapon.

But the most significant question we wanted to know was, how does a writer overcome “writer’s block”? Tarek gave a detailed response to this question by saying that she gets up and returns later with a fresh pair of eyes, “when I’m experiencing “writer’s block,” no matter how hard I try to write, it never seems to work. I’d rather get up and leave and not waste time that I know won’t be of any value. It nearly always succeeds.” She thinks that when a writer experiences writer’s block, they may simply put their writing on hold and return when they are ready and inspiration “may practically disappear in a moment, but whenever I have it back, I proceed”.

To emphasize the value of hard work, ElKhayat cited Cristiano Ronaldo by saying, “practice makes perfect.” She was essentially referring to Ronaldo’s incredible discipline and mindset throughout his career. She continued, “Whether it’s through starting your own blog, writing as a freelancer for websites, or writing your novel, you have to practice writing every single day if you want to become a writer.”

Finally, Tarek concluded this interview when we asked her about her opinion of those who can’t yet leave their comfort zone and are stuck in the same category that they’ve been writing in for a long time. She personally thinks that if someone is comfortable with a certain writing style and enjoys it, they should stick to it. They don’t necessarily have to learn all the writing styles or write about all topics to be a good writer “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” In other words, do not risk losing what you already know/have in hopes of diverging in the road of another category.

Writing is a magnificent hobby that you can use in many other facts of life; it can be your job or a tool to express your emotions. In light of this, we can say that wiring requires discipline and consistency as well as practice. When you have the right mindset and attitude, you’ll be determined to hone your writing skills and surpass all of your expectations.

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