How To Improve Speed Of Writing Your Dissertation

Improving your speed of writing should be one of your goals, especially if you’re in college or completing your postgraduate studies. Writing fast is essential in order to stay productive and complete all of your assignments on time. School can take up a lot of effort and commitment. So, completing your dissertation is a big deal from all perspectives. This is why this article will help you figure out what you must and mustn’t do to improve your writing speed, and thus, get your dissertation essay in no time. 

Must do:

Organize your workload 

Organizing your workload should be your top priority. If you’re all over the place, you won’t be productive. You will be quite slow and might not finish your work on time, let alone improve your speed of writing. You should organize all of your notes into one Word document, have your references laid out, and have a pre-work structure for your dissertation. 

Your structure should include an introduction, three or four main ideas supported by arguments, and a thorough conclusion. Make sure you write every part of your essay separately and find good transitions afterward. 

Stay focused

You must avoid all distractions if you want to improve your writing speed in college. There can be no one and nothing keeping you from improving, including yourself. So, shut down your phone while working, don’t answer the door, and find a quiet place to work in. Don’t let yourself be distracted by unwanted conversations or Facebook scrolls. 

Plan strategically 

Developing a strategic plan should be one of the next things to consider. If you don’t have a well-structured plan, of course, you won’t write fast. You cannot improve if you don’t know where you are heading and what your goals are. Make sure you plan everything correctly and properly. Make no exceptions, include everything. 


Commit to the process and don’t back off from it. You must be willing to make sacrifices and practice a whole lot to improve your speed of writing. As I mentioned before, this process takes time and effort, so make sure you commit to it fully before setting this goal. 

Must Not Do

Not doing enough research

Research is an essential part of your dissertation, so prioritize it. Make sure you take time each day to read something new and add a bit of diversity to your body of research. You cannot cram all of your readings into one night, so starting ahead of time is crucial. Becoming a fast writer can happen only if you know what to write about. 

If you’re doing little to no research, your topic of interest won’t be that clear. If your topic is not clear, you won’t be able to write fast because you’ll have no idea what to write about. See how everything connects? 

Not asking for help

Avoiding help or not asking for help is not smart – as students, we all need support sometimes. So, why be ashamed of asking for an extra helping hand? You might have difficulties writing your dissertation thesis or maybe, you just need someone to check your work for plagiarism. Whatever it is, asking for help from someone more experienced than you is always a good thing. 

In order to speed up the speed of writing your dissertation do not hesitate to use third-party help, especially if you are several days before the deadline. You can simply write to Writix support, where professional writers will help you speed up your dissertation writing process and help you meet deadlines. You can also ask students working for this company to check your work for you and offer constructive feedback. It’s always good to know that someone’s got your back. Doing everything by yourself can indeed be tiring.

Not saying ‘no’

You cannot say ‘yes’ to every request if you want to be successful. When your friends ask you to hang out, but you’ve got work to do, nicely decline and stay focused on your work. You will never be able to improve your writing speed or finish your dissertation for that matter if you cannot learn how to say ‘no.’ Instead of hanging out, you could ask your friends to study with you; this way, all of your grades will improve whilst hanging out. 

Waiting for constant feedback

Don’t wait for approval every step of the way. You cannot get it, and you will highly disappointed by it. It’s good to check with your professor or another fellow student from time to time, but don’t exaggerate. Stay focused on what you need to accomplish and work hard to get it. Your writing flow will only improve by continuing to write at a fast pace; stopping to get feedback every step of the way won’t help.

Wrapping Up

Writing a good dissertation takes time and lots of practice, so ensure that you respect all of the criteria above. Stay focused and work hard. Good luck!

Author Bio:

James Collins is a blogger and social media strategist. He helps students by offering dissertation writing help. In his free time, James volunteers and plays the piano. He is currently writing a book. 

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