Unlock Your Inner Musician: Highlighting Cairo’s Top Music Centers

Music speaks to our bodies and souls in its own unique language. When you watch a guitarist nail it, you can see that they are totally immersed in the performance, motivating you to pursue your own artistic endeavor. I remember personally being enthralled by Sherif Hawary’s solo performance of the song “Laken Ehsasy Mesh Kefaya” during the Egyptian band, Cairokee’s concert, making me want to become a guitarist right on the spot.

Moments like these have inspired us to compile a list of the best places in Cairo to learn musical instruments, bringing out your musician.

Tango Music Center

Located in New Cairo, behind Downtown Mall, Tango Music Center has over three decades of experience in teaching music to kids and adults under their belt. As some people have said, the center provides students with ‘sincere’ professional teachers, in addition, to offering music lessons in both English and Arabic. This institution helps students gain scholarships for international colleges in Egypt and for programs abroad by preparing them for the Trinity Guildhall London exams. This is an exam conducted by Trinity College in London since 1877 and candidates from across the globe take the assessment to prove their skills.

Cairo Music Center

Founded in 1989, Cairo Music Center has become one of the most recognized musical schools in Egypt. The center has more than 7000 graduates and offers a variety of classes for every music enthusiast out there. At Cairo Music Center, you can learn all musical instruments, singing, as well as take courses in music computer programs and sound engineering; they’ll even assist you in selecting the appropriate musical instrument. The center is located at 14 ElZohour St. in Heliopolis and you can check their latest offers on their official website.

Frank Center

Frank center offers guitar, drums, oud, saxophone, and bass guitar lessons for those looking to learn a new talent. It’s located in front of Zohour Club in Nasr City and offers professional teachers who will guide you through every single step no matter what your level is. They also give art lessons and they’re usually open from Sunday to Thursday from 9am to 3pm.

The Music Hub

This music center was founded by Rami Attallah, a passionate music composer and pianist who aims to advocate for musical education in Egypt. The Music Hub is located at 52 El Montaza Street in Heliopolis and provides students with courses in everything from musical instruments to vocals classes. Several people have expressed their delight with their specialized course in music theory which helps you gain more musical techniques and different perspectives to expand one’s musical knowledge.

Cairo Opera House’s Talents Development Center 

Located in Opera Square, Zamalek, the Talents Development Center offers classes starting for children aged six to adults. There, students will be able to learn the basics, which include reading music sheets as well as hone their ballet, voice, and instrumental skills too. Among the several instruments offered there, the violin courses are quite popular. All you have to do is go to the Cairo Opera House and register for your class of choice.

Art Mania Music Center

This music center is located in Galleria40 Mall, 26th July corridor in the Sheikh Zayed neighborhood. Art Mania Music Center was established in 2013 and currently offers music lessons for over 350 students covering many instruments like piano, guitar, drums, violin, oud, cello, saxophone, ukulele, tabla, most percussion instruments, and vocals. One of the most important parts is that they focus on aspiring students forming bands, helping them excel and perform during live concerts.

Tempo Music Academy

A creative place characterized by its love of music and willingness to share that love with its new students, the Tempo Music Academy is located on Street 4 in Maadi. Sessions are said to be evenly split between theoretical and applied components of the music and are open to both kids and adults. Interestingly, the place comprises instructors who were former students, returning to share their enthusiasm and passion for music with new students.

SONATA Music Center

Founded in 2002, Sonata Music Center has been teaching and helping music lovers in Egypt for more than 20 years. This music center aims to improve the quality of music education in Egypt and you can find it at 49 Road 9 in Maadi. Sonata Music Center offers classical guitar lessons, electric guitar lessons, piano lessons, our lessons, violin lessons, and drums lessons.

Vibe for Developing Arts

Vibe for Developing Arts came to life when a group of young musicians put all their love and effort into the idea of inspiring others to become musicians. Located in 7 Mosadak Street, Dokki, Vibe’s team regularly holds classes and workshops in music along with acoustically-engineered rehearsal and practice spaces. The place also offers a variety of other services including professional recording, mixing and mastering, musical instruments and accessories store, sale and repair, and programming for a variety of events.

Pocket Watson’s Music School

Sherif Watson, a well-known Egyptian professional musician, founded Pocket Watson’s Music School in New Cairo at 218 Street 1. Founded in 2021, the school provides private lessons for a wide range of instruments, divided by skill level. Also, through events, the school offers band coaching and fosters band collaborations so that taking the stage becomes an easier experience. The majority of coaches there are experienced musicians who instruct students of all ages to create a community of skilled musicians in Cairo.

With the help of these centers, you’ll be able to test out a host of instruments to find out which one you relate to the most, truly bringing out your inner musician.

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