Uninvited Guest: Snake Sneaks into Saudi’s King Abdullah Mosque 

Last year, during Taraweeh prayers in Algeria, a cat decided to make a surprise appearance in the crowded mosque. This led to a beautiful moment in which the imam continued his prayer unfazed while the cat was perched on his back.

This year, it’s a whole different story, more of the slimy slithering type as a snake startled worshippers after getting into the King Abdullah Mosque in Saudi Arabia.

Via Peek

Smart and crafty, the little limbless reptile initially avoided getting caught by hiding inside one of the mosque’s air conditioners. They couldn’t even coax it out of the AC by using toxic pesticides. The only solution was to bring over a technician to take out the snake.

He ended up disconnecting the power and then was able to safely remove and neutralize the snake. This incident surprised many and made for a hilarious story to share with friends and family.

Seeing how mosques these days seem to be the stamping ground of many kinds of animals, let us know, did you ever encounter an animal inside a mosque before?

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