Unapologetic Sherine Abdel Wahab Throws Major Shade at Amr Diab AGAIN

Another day in Egypt, another celebrity feud goes bad on social media. Apparently, if you’re an Egyptian or an Arab artist, you don’t get to say a single bad word about Amr Diab. Last January, Egyptian songstress, Sherine Abdel Wahab, threw major shade at Amr Diab during Amr Youssef and Kinda Alloush’s wedding.


It goes without saying that Diab’s fans completely lost it, called her unworthy and talked about her less-than-glamorous career start. Yes, they went there. Now, Abdel Wahab is known for her unapologetic attitude. She is a fierce lady without a doubt, and she just threw some more shade at the Hadaba once again.



During a press conference at the International Conference of Carthage, a reporter asked Abdel Wahab about the wedding incident and whether she was referring to multiple artists or not. The singer bluntly replied with, “I was referring to one man in specific, and I will not back down from my opinion.”



Later, during a phone call with Amr Adeeb on “Kol Youm,” Abdel Wahab added that Diab might be a Hadaba, but she is the Pyramid. And in that moment, every single microphone in the world dropped.



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