UK Open Minded About Recognizing Palestine: But On What Conditions?

UK’s Foreign Secretary of State, David Cameron, said on Monday at a reception in London that the country is considering to recognize Palestine as a state.

On January 29th, at a reception for Arab Ambassadors held in Westminster, Cameron said the UK is planning to “set out what a Palestinian state would look like” and will mull the “issue of recognizing a Palestinian state, including at the United Nations.”

However, the conditions for this official recognition included the release of the Hamas-held hostages and replacing the current government with a Palestinian ‘technocratic’ one that would rule over Gaza and the West Bank.

His speech also shed light on finding a sustainable solution for the Palestine-Israel conflict, focusing on making what he called “irreversible progress.”

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Currently, 139 out of 193 United Nations members recognize Palestine; the remaining 54 countries include Western European ones, like the United States, the U.K., Australia, and New Zealand.

Additionally, prior to Cameron’s speech in London, he published and wrote an op-ed expressing what he sees as a win-win situation for both Israel and Palestine.

After his visits to several countries in the region, which are divided between support and hate for Hamas, Cameron thinks both a permanent ceasefire in Gaza, the release of Israeli hostages, and the deportation of Hamas members are crucial in paving the way for a long-term “irreversible” two-state solution.

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