UFO Hunters “Find” Alien Space Station Outside Madinty

We had the same thought: say what now? Turns out Egypt made the news in various UK publications earlier this month when some super-vigilant UFO hunters found something strange in the Egyptian desert: two odd structures just off the Ring Road outside Madinty. They think it could be proof of aliens.





The site appears to have two main structures and some other small ones slightly to the south (if you want to take a look yourself, here are the coordinates: 30° 1’14.40″N 31°43’17.49″E). The larger building has two long pointy sections and is surrounded by six circular features, each in three parts of different lengths.  The second, smaller building has what looks like two ramps coming off the top.





We did a little Google Earth sleuthing ourselves, and actually found three more sites with similar buildings. What we’ll call Site A, located about 13km northwest of the first (coordinates: 30.046907, 31.856642), appears to have four structures similar in style to the two at the first site, all of different sizes. Site A appears to be located near a larger construction or industrial site of some sort.





Sites B and C are nearly 50km away, up in Ismailia. Both are hard to see, and look like they’re being overrun by the desert. At Site B (coordinates: 30°23’51.3″N 32°04’12.9″E) we can make out six broken circles, similar to those at the original site, and a large mass in the middle, with various other circles and masses in the surrounding desert. Site C (30°27’21.71  32°17’52.18) might be the weirdest of all: it just looks like a bunch of circles in the desert.





A video posted by ‘Secure Team’ two weeks ago has over 800,000 views – and suggests there’s even some Free Mason symbolism to the structures. The video also suggested that the structures could be entrances to an underground, intercontinental subway system “that wraps around the earth.”





Conspiracy and alien theories aside, is it a missile launching platform? A nuclear warehouse? A WWII bombing practice site? We’ve asked around, but no one has been able to tell us what the structures actually are. One of the more logical hypothesis we’ve heard is that the sites were air defense bases from the 1973 war.


Perhaps our favorite theory, however, is that it could be a movie set, possibly for the next Star Wars movie. We know it’s far-fetched, but how cool would that be? And it does seem more probable than an alien space station. But then, aliens built the pyramids… right?


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