UAE To Open Its First Football-Themed Hotel This November

As we get ever closer to the World Cup to be held in Qatar this year, people worldwide set their eyes upon the region as they plan their upcoming visit. The Emirate of Dubai in the UAE has been experiencing a surge in hotel bookings over the past few days, which has led to the preparation of opening the Emirate’s first First Football-Themed Hotel in November.

The NH Dubai hotel is situated on The Palm Jumeirah’s western wing, and it collaborated with Expat Sport tourism agency, creating packages to form the ultimate football fan experience.

These impressive hospitality packages include all kinds of different hotel-stay lengths, match tickets, transportation from and to the airport, as well as flights from and to Doha, Qatar, to watch the match.

The experience also includes shuttle buses that will take fans to official fan zones in Dubai, where they can meet up with like-minded individuals and enjoy the matches. These spots include the Coca-Cola Arena and the Dubai Harbor. The NH Dubai’s bar is also getting a makeover to turn into the perfect watching venue within the hotel.

“This is a completely new addition to the Dubai hospitality landscape. We are collaborating with the official partners of the Fifa World Cup to make this a unique and immersive experience for our guests,” Sue Holt, executive director of Expat Sport, told The National News.

The UAE’s close proximity to Qatar and its luxurious hotels are two of the biggest factors shepherding tourists and this new endeavour can be considered to be the best option for any football fan heading to the area.

That said, flights between the two Gulf countries also surged recently, going from 1,200 AED to 5,000 AED, according to The National News, which could lead fans in the area to take these packages instead.

For other adventurers out there, another option would be to make the six to seven-hour drive to Doha from Dubai to see the matches and make their way back. This mini adventure can be a fun but tiring road trip, not to mention a host of other issues such as visa requirements for two border crossings, one from the UAE into Saudi Arabia and another from Saudi Arabia into Qatar and back.

The 2022 World Cup will be the first time the event is held within the Middle East, and many from the region are excited to see it succeed with the hope of it happening again in the future. The event is set to start on November 21, 2021.

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