The UAE Just Found the Coolest Solution For Keeping It’s Waters Clean

Dubai always aims to go eco-friendly and with their latest implementation, they sure do it in style. With their newest addition to the list of firsts, ‘waste shark’ is definitely one for the books.

Waste Shark is a smart autonomous vehicle that roams the waters for the purpose of cleaning it from all the rubbish, and take this, it looks like a shark … Now how cool is that?

Abdul Majeed Abdul Azeez Al-Saifaie, Director of the Waste Management Department of the Municipality, said” It is a remote-controlled, autonomous vehicle with dynamic sensors and a smart camera that tracks floating debris and removes them, it would improve the quality of work and contribute to the rationalization of expenditure. It is also environmentally friendly as it is electrically operated and does not release any carbon dioxide,”.

Via digital Hammacher

He added the future plan is to rely more on automated machines rather than humans, he also said that Waste Management Department has implemented a range of initiatives and campaigns to keep Dubai’s waterways clean and sustainable, including Dubai Creek, Al Jaddaf Creek, Dubai Water Canal, and Business Bay Canal.

This initiative resulted in the recovery of about 30 tones of benthic waste and the lifting of 63 neglected and sunken ships, that are considered to be a danger to water.

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