This UAE-based Fashion Brand is Selling A Pair Of High Heels For Over A Million AED

The UAE-based fashion brand, Jada Dubai, has introduced a pair of diamond- and sapphire-encrusted shoes with platinum and gold soles. Only one pair exists of these high heels but with a price tag of over a million Dirhams, one will be hard to sell in the first place.

via jadadubai

They are also ornamented with 54 carats of white diamonds and 416.2 carats of white sapphires. According to Jada Dubai’s Co-Founder, Majari Maria, Past Student of Esmod Dubai Fashion Institute, “the pair took over a year to make, with gold experts from three different nations thriving to craft the perfect balance between the gold and platinum that’s required to be suitable to support the uppers.”

The high heels are part of a collection of five limited-edition pieces, which includes Princess Diana, Cleopatra, French Empress Josephine, and Grace Kelly. Their prices range between $3,720 and $5,310. The Grace Kelly pair is made up of yellow gold, platinum, 16 brilliant-cut white diamonds, 32 black diamonds and other semi-precious gemstones.

WE SAID THIS: Wonder who’s the lucky lady who’ll wear these.