Two Titans, One Vision: OSN+ and Anghami Merge for A New Era Of Streaming

For enthusiasts of both OSN+ and Anghami, we’re excited to announce that their merger was successfully completed on April 2, 2024. In this deal, OSN Group acquired a 55.45% stake in Anghami.

This merger creates a formidable entity boasting over 120 million registered users, 2.5 million paid subscribers, and nearly $100 million in revenue.

The merger combines OSN+’s 18,000-hour video library with Anghami’s 100 million+ songs and podcasts, leveraging Anghami’s advanced technology. With AI-driven personalization and top-quality products, the merged company aims to elevate the streaming experience for users.

Elie Habib, one of the co-founders and the Chief Technology Officer of Anghami, is set to assume the role of CEO within the newly integrated company. Meanwhile, Joe Kawkabani will continue his tenure as the CEO of OSN Group.

Combining Anghami’s music expertise and OSN+’s curated videos, the merged company is set to revolutionize streaming and provide users with unmatched experiences. So, prepare for the dawn of a new era in streaming that’s upon us.