Two Teachers Killed in A School Shooting in Riyadh


On Wednesday May 31st 2017, an Iraqi man and a former Islamic Studies school teacher at Kingdom Schools, killed two teachers and a security guard working in the same school.



According to Arab News, the school’s chairman described the act as that of  “a disgruntled employee.” Indeed, according to another statement made by Talal Al-Maiman CEO of Kingdom Holding and Chairman of Kingdom Schools, the shooter had been fired from the school due to his “anger issues and unstable personality.”




Out of the two victims of the shooting, one was a Saudi Arabian teacher, whilst the other was an American – Palestinian teacher and sectional head. The Saudi Arabian teacher died immediately, while the American – Palestinian teacher died later, after having been transferred to the proximate Kingdom Hospital.  Additionally, one of the school’s security guards was incurred injuries.



WE SAID THIS: Our prayers go out to all the victims, and their families.