Two Major Middle Eastern Projects Announced By Our Favorite “Mean Girl”

Via Digital Spy

“Mean Girl” Lindsay Lohan sure took multi-tasking to a whole new level! Lohan recently revealed, on a talk show with Wendy Williams, that she’s planning to shoot a movie in Saudi Arabia, and design her own island in Dubai!

The all-female cast movie will be named “Frame” and will follow the story of an American photographer who leaves her husband in the US to move to Riyadh. On another note, She added that she’s in discussions to “design” one of The World islands in Dubai and that she’ll name it Lohan Island.

@LindsayLohan is taking over my Instagram stories! ? Stay tuned!

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“I’m out-trumping Trump with the name Lohan!” Said Lohan jokingly about naming everything Lohan, like Lohan Nightclub Athens, and the soon to open Lohan Nightclub in Mykonos. The 31-year-old superstar is currently residing in Dubai and London.

WE SAID THIS: On behalf of the Middle East, we can’t wait for more LOHAN projects.