Tunisia’s National Bardo Museum to Reopen Soon!

Home of Hannibal Barca the famed Punic General, Tunisia’s National Bardo Museum is set to reopen its doors very soon after being closed in the wake of the political turbulence the country faced two years ago.

The second oldest museum in Africa after the Egyptian Museum, Bardo is in the same building as the Parliament, which was the main reason behind the closure.

Housing rare artifacts from Tunisia’s rich history that spans Cartage’s Punic Empire; consequent Roman occupation, and the later Islamic conquest as well as Greek works discovered in a shipwreck in 1907.

The notable works of this museum are the colorful Roman mosaics, probably one of the biggest collections in the world, as well as marble statues of Roman Emperors and deities.

The Blue Quran from the Islamic period has competing theories about where and when it was made, with many pages in private collections and countries. But the majority of the pages are still in Tunisia, and one thing is for sure, the beauty of the golden Kufic script on the blue pages is something of true beauty.

As much restoration and expansion done in the years leading up to the time it closed, it will be ready to open up for eager visitors hoping to lay eyes on the amazing works there.

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