Top Staycation Spots in Cairo for an Unforgettable Eid

Probably one of the longest holidays all year round, Eid al-Adha is one of the most highly anticipated vacations. In Egypt, the trend is for families and friends to hit up the North Coast or head to popular beach resorts like Sharm El Sheikh or El Gouna.

If you can’t travel far or want to change things up this year, you can enjoy a staycation without traveling at all. Meet the ultimate Cairo staycation spots we think should be on your bucket list this Eid:

3nd Amr

Along the Alexandria desert road are massive villas and estates surrounded by lush greenery. Turns out that along with these homes are several staycation spots where you can spend a day or two indulging in the ultimate vacation.

One popular destination is 3nd Amr, a massive resort home to everything from luxurious boho chic cabanas overlooking a glistening pool to a wide assortment of activities.

You will never get bored at 3nd Amr, as throughout your stay, you can visit their stable and feed the horses or take a dip in their massive pool. They also offer fresh Egyptian dishes, whether they are buttery feteer meshaltit or juicy sogok. To learn more or reserve your stay, you can give them a call on +201121333374

Villas D’Egypte

Beyond the Alexandria Desert road, another unexpected area in Cairo that is home to several staycation spots is El Mansoureya. There, you can find the ultimate getaway known as Villas D’Egypte.

The gated estate home to two gorgeous villas set against a verdant canopy of towering trees is the perfect escape from Cairo’s hustle and bustle.

If you are craving a way to relax and unwind, Villas D’Egypte can help you do just that. At the estate, you can lounge in their large outdoor seating area and even lie down on their outdoor wicker bed set.

Or can take a dip in their pool or enjoy a delicious taste of homemade cuisine by their chef. If that is the kind of vacation you want this Eid, you can book your stay with family and friends via

Houseboat 65

Craving something completely different? There is actually a way for you to experience life in a traditional houseboat on the Nile, right in the middle of Cairo. Meet Houseboat 65, the most unique Airbnb in Cairo.

This charming houseboat in Zamalek was built entirely of wood in the 1920s. Every morning, you can wake up to stunning views of the Nile, along with a delicious breakfast and a cup of coffee.

This is for vacationers who want to detach from the bustle of Cairo, especially lone travelers who crave the peace and quiet associated with reading a book. If that is the kind of vacation you crave, you can use this link to book your stay.

Il Campo Hotel

For lovers of nature and sustainability, Cairo has its very own eco-tourism resort called Il Campo Hotel. Boasting the ultimate boho beach vibes that make you feel like you are in Bali, Il Campo Hotel is a haven of handcrafted wooden decor and bamboo-lined walls and doorways.

For a taste of luxury, its rooms are equipped with a jacuzzi to truly relax and unwind. Accommodation at Il Campo is breakfast only, where you will be served something new every morning.

You’ll also have access to a private area along the Nile where you can do many activities, including paddling along the water or pottery making. It is truly a unique experience, and if you want to try it out this Eid, head to their official page.

From boho chic eco-lodges to majestic villas within massive estates, it turns out that you really don’t have to travel far this Eid to experience an unforgettable vacation.

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