Top Questions to Ask a BBQ Catering Restaurant When Planning an Event

When you’re planning an event, one of the most critical aspects for you to settle immediately has to do with the catering. Beyond the styling and all other facets of the event, the food is always vital. No event is complete without the best food. While you may already have some options in mind, it’s good to try out something new also, once in a while. If you haven’t tried it already, a BBQ catering restaurant is worth giving that shot. Especially when you’re looking for a more chill and laidback vibe to your event.

That said, the success of your party is also dependent on the quality of your suppliers. This means that even if you feel that the BBQ caterer is a good one, you still have to do your part in scrutinizing them very well before hiring. An excellent way to do that is to ask the right questions.

What questions should you ask? This article gives you a list.

Are you available on (insert event date)?

Before the nitty-gritty details, one of the essential matters for you to settle early on has to do with the date. When you’ve got a lot of BBQ caterers to choose from, a good way for you to narrow down your list is to check their availability on the date of your event. That way, you don’t make the mistake of already booking the caterer when, in fact, they can’t serve you on your date.

To help you get a good start on your search for impressive BBQ caterers, visit this site. You can get hold of management or a representative also to ask early on if they’re available on your date.

Do you have the proper licenses and permits to operate?

Hiring a caterer for an event should be a serious contract. That way, you’ve got an element of protection should they fail to deliver. To assure yourself that you’re hiring a licensed caterer for your event, check to see if they’ve got the proper permits to operate. As you do so, also ask about liability insurance.

The last thing that you’d want is to be dealing with a difficult BBQ restaurant with whom you find out operates illegally.

What is the cost going to be like?

Another important thing for you to settle early on is the budget. Ask about the costing per plate. That way, you have a fixed price as to how much it’s going to cost you to invite additional people. When you ask about the costing, you can adjust your options. Can you go for a more expensive cost per person as you’re only inviting a few? That way, you can step up your BBQ game even more. Do you have to cut down on the cost per plate because you have to accommodate more guests?

A good BBQ catering restaurant should be able to give you a fixed price per person, based on the food options that you choose. There, you can decide whether or not you can afford that caterer. No, you don’t have to go broke to have a fun party.

Where will the food be prepared?

Naturally, with catering, the food is already pre-cooked. Upon arriving at the venue, these dishes are kept warm with the right equipment. But, for BBQs, some are half-cooked, and then live cooking stations are set up to continue grilling the BBQ. Whatever the case, it’s also imperative to ask where the catering food will be prepared.

If it’s your event, you wouldn’t want guests to go home with a sick stomach. Hence, it would help if you had a guarantee that the food preparation is done in a clean, commercial kitchen. If it’s done in pop-up shops or home-based BBQ caterers, their kitchens should still be spotless.

In this regard, it’s also crucial to put a great weight of importance in this matter if you’ve got guests that need special consideration with the food. This includes Halal standards, for instance. Make sure that the Halal food isn’t prepared with the same utensils as the non-Halal dishes.

How many guests can you serve?

If you’re going to have a big event, do also ask about the maximum number of guests that your BBQ caterer can serve. Don’t try to put too much pressure on your caterer to accommodate your guests if they can’t. Else, the delivery and performance may also be hampered. If you’ve got so many guests and the caterer can’t accommodate them all, then move on with looking for others. In so doing, you’re not sacrificing the quality of your event’s food.


Without a doubt, the food that you put in the table always comprises one of the most important elements in an event. You wouldn’t want your guests to be hungry. Nor do you want them to get sick with food that’s not prepared well. For a relaxed vibe, a BBQ catering restaurant is an excellent choice to try out. As you begin your hunt for these caterers, don’t forget to ask these questions, too. That way, you’ve got a higher guaranty that you end up working with nothing less than the best.

WE SAID THIS: Ask the right questions and your next BBQ will be a hit!