The International Space Station Will Be Visible to the Naked Eye From the UAE Tonight

Tonight, according to The National, UAE residents will be able to spot the International Space Station (ISS) for five minutes. If the sky is clear enough, the research laboratory will be visible to the naked eye at 7:43 pm for five minutes and again at 9:20 pm for less than a minute.

The ISS is expected to appear in the UAE’s night sky again for three minutes on Monday at 8:31 pm, Tuesday at 7:42 pm for four minutes, on Thursday at 7:40 pm, and finally on Sunday for three minutes at and 4:49 am.

Via: CNN

According to Mission Control at Nasa’s Johnson Space Centre, the ISS will look like a bright star moving at a quicker pace than an airplane. Traveling at a speed of 28,000km per hour, and about 29 times the average speed of a plane, the space station circles the Earth every 90 minutes.

NASA created a website called “Spot the Station” which will report sighting opportunities at around 6,700 locations across the globe several times a week.

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