Tips & Tricks To Help You Kickstart Your Diet

We’ve all tried to start a diet at some point, especially in the winter when it’s chilly outside and all you want is to cuddle up and eat chocolates. Admit it, when suddenly faced with a rigid diet program, even the word diet…there’s a mind block and all you can think of are those chocolates.

To help you get started on your diet, we’ll give you a few tips and tricks to help you change your eating habits and control your appetite.

Start Your diet by not calling it a diet

The first trap we all tend to fall in is calling it a “diet.” That word by itself is enough to overwhelm anyone and it has the word “die” in it…and all you can think of is the death of all those goods you like. Instead, Elana Paddock, a nutritionist at the Cooper Clinic in Dallas, suggests that we can try calling it a “healthier lifestyle” because we are basically changing the way we think about food through better options & habits…or trying not to even think about food. You want to maintain a sustainable lifestyle, to do that you have to be realistic. Also this way if you do mess up, you won’t go through a process of guilt and feel the need to ‘start again’.

Drink plenty of water

Yes, yes, yes we’ve all heard this one…drink water. Though we’ve all heard this one before, it is crucual and has proven to help kick start many diets according to Healthline. Try the following, drink up a litre of water before you have your breakfast even. Get used to having room temperature water and always carry a bottle around with you so you don’t forget. Drinking water will suppress your appetite, boost your metabolism, and make exercise easier and more efficient and better your skin. Never let that water bottle out of your hand.

Avoid having sweets at your house

This one is a killer! Imagine every time you go open your fridge, you find chocolate bars or doughnuts waiting for you when you get that feeling of hunger at midnight. Very simple, Healthline suggests that you can replace those unhealthy desserts with more fruits that would still be delicious and will for sure satisfy your hunger anytime throughout the day. You know what, have the apple and then if you still want eat the donut, but get in the habit of eating the apple.

Delicious food that are Shockingly low in calories

Surprisingly salted popcorn (not buttered or caramel-coated) can be a very delicious snack when hunger strikes. Although it’s high in carbs, 20 gram serving which fills up a medium sized bowl equals to only 75 calories according to EatingWell. Another one is dark chocolate which has a low sugar and calorie count and offers a number of health benefits, such as lowering blood pressure and even increases happiness!

Have a healthy snack before arriving to your friends’ outing

Going out with your friends can be a lot of fun, but if you will be forced to go eat at unhealthy restaurants, you should find another way to enjoy food while limiting your calorie intake. Healthline suggests that you can try eating a healthy snack before, so even if you eat with friends you won’t eat that much.

Treat yourself every now and then

It wouldn’t hurt to pamper yourself occasionally and have a “free-meal” as some might term it. You don’t have to refer to it as that in this instance; simply think of it as a single meal that you have been truly yearning for. Whether it’s pizza or a burger, some studies by Northwestern Medicine have shown that limiting yourself of these foods can backfire, leading to strong desires that ultimately lead to overeating. As a result, treat yourself occasionally to a meal you’ve been craving. Do not obsess.

Avoid all-you-can-eat buffets

It has been well established that we as humans are not the best at predicting portion size. Eating the proper amount can be difficult when we are presented with an endless supply of food at a buffet. There are two techniques to prevent overeating at these types of buffets according to The Healthy. First, you can use a smaller plate to help you eat fewer portions. The second option is to use a regular-sized plate and put salad or vegetables on half of it.

Planning ahead

When do we typically start eating meals from fast-food chains? Isn’t it when we’re rushed and don’t have any prepared food with us? Well, Delight Medical & Wellness Center suggests that starting by making your own meals will prevent you from being compelled to eat those unhealthy meals and will also allow you to customize your own favorite food. However, if you’re pressed for time and can’t do that, you can try some of Egypt’s finest healthy food delivery services, including More 2 Go, Ash Eat, and Protein Box.

Order a Soup or a Salad to Start

According to a study titled “The effect of soup on satiation,” eating a soup or salad before the main dish can help you avoid overeating. According to other studies, consuming soup before a meal can help you consume 20% fewer calories overall. As a result, ordering a soup can be a really healthy alternative especially if it contains a vegetable-based sauce over creamy or cheese-based ones.

Slow down when you eat

Lastly, the pace at which you eat influences how much you eat, as well as how likely you are to gain weight. Some studies comparing different eating speeds show that fast eaters are much more likely to eat more and have a higher body mass index (BMI) than slow eaters. This is because hormones regulate your appetite, how much food you consume, and how full you feel. To give your brain the time it needs to recognize that you are full, try eating more slowly.

With the help of these tips, you may start your diet with confidence and have clearer thoughts about the food you eat and how you eat it. Dietary programs are crucial, but they can occasionally seem impossible to achieve. As a result, using these tips will enable you to gradually reduce your caloric intake and eat less.

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