Time For A Guilt-Free Ramadan With These Healthy Dessert Shops

You can’t have a Ramadan gathering without including that delicious slice of konafa or piece of sweet basboosa. Thing is, the more the days pass and you munch on those sweets after iftar, the more that guilt feeling will grow inside. For this Ramadan, why not change things up and have desserts made with a healthy twist? For some time now, many online dessert shops began popping up in Cairo serving delicious and healthy desserts for everyone to enjoy so let’s take a look at some of the best in the city.


Co-founded by health coach Amina Rashad, Glow is all about bringing a healthy spin to everyday meals, specializing in everything from fresh juices to full-meals and wraps. For this Ramadan, they are making all our favorite desserts completely sugar free. Families can enjoy everything from their delicious strawberry konafa parfait that is sweetened with raw honey to their version of Umm Ali made with local Baladi butter and a special mix of coconut milk and oat milk. To order any of their desserts, you can check out their Ramadan collection at their official online store.

Indulge Healthy Bakery

A bakery that is healthy through and through is Cairo’s Indulge Healthy Bakery known to serve tasty desserts free of butter, sugar, flour and any other preservatives. This Ramadan, families can celebrate the holy month by enjoying their chocolate covered dates that come in three flavors, halawa, peanut butter and coffee. These date bites are great for an energy boost as they are packed with fibers, minerals, and antioxidants. They also make their very own basboosa that is gluten, dairy, egg and sugar free as well as gluten free Seyami date maamoul. Head to their online shop to get your dose of healthy desserts this Ramadan.

Anti Fat Egypt

This health-based store is all about creating customized packages that include daily healthy meals as well as nutritionist appointments. When it comes to Ramadan, the store created special desserts made with healthy ingredients, less calories and the same taste we know and love. Some of their delicious creations include strawberry basbousa, chocolate kunafa, rice milk pudding and crème caramel. As their store offers their service through a subscription basis, to subscribe you can give them a call on this number: 01102002002

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Fafa’s Treat

Fafa’s Treat is the family run dessert shop all about creating fresh, natural homemade products and baked goods that are free of preservatives. They are known to make their own homemade peanut butter and fresh jam as well as their own pistachio butter. For Ramadan, their main focus is to boost your energy levels and give you the needed nutrition for those long days of fasting and that is why they created their very own sugar free energy balls that come in different flavors including peanut butter, chocolate hazelnut and even carrot cake. Knowing that eid is just around the corner, they are also offering pre-orders on their healthy kahk made from natural butter. To learn more about their products, you can check out their official Instagram page.

Healthy Hub

Healthy Hub is a community and online store pushing to provide people with access to a healthy lifestyle by offering our all-time favorite baked snacks and desserts in low-carb, keto-friendly and sugar-free form. They sell all the popular classics including muffins, donuts, biscuits, brownies and even molten cakes. Their Ramadan selection also doesn’t disappoint as they have everything from konafa tiramisu cups to qatayif and basboosa. All are available through their online store.

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What’s great about all these dessert spots is that they are available online which removes the hassle of having to drive over to pick up your order during Ramadan. All orders are made to be delivered to your home making it that much simpler to go for a healthy lifestyle this Ramadan.

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