Three Years of Love and Adventures: Sherif Fayed and His Partner Give Us Ultimate Travel Fever

The Egyptian travel blogger Sherif Fayed was always one to shower us with amazing shots from different countries around the world, and wondrous fun activities that he’s enjoying in various places. But when his partner, Becky Jefferies, joined the scene, the pictures became all the more beautiful, especially since she’s just as adventurous as he is. Dubbed as the “Dubai-based globetrotter”, Fayed and his partner have traveled to more than 23 countries together.

Two days ago, Sherif Fayed and his partner celebrated three years together as a couple. In the caption, he said, “I never want to stop making memories with you!”

In July 2019, Fayed proposed to the love of his life in a one of a kind perfect proposal at Seychelles. The proposal took our breath away and left us in awe.

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