Three Ways Technology Has Changed the Way We Eat

Living in 2019, all engrossed by technological innovations, some scenarios seem like stories of the past and believe me, our parents had to deal with them every day! Well, I am not talking about our mom’s long telephone conversations with her friends instead of a Whatsapp video call, but the way our parents used to eat. Ask your father had he ever imagined in his teenage years that he would be able to enjoy late-night snacks from his favourite shop at midnight without stepping out of the house? His response might catch you by surprise during a moment when you are choosing a menu to order online. Yes, that’s what technology is doing to us: changing the way we used to eat.

Now, you not only get recipes of local Mexican food through the internet while sitting in Sri Lanka, or get your food delivered at your doorstep. However, you can also check out the menus of your favourite restaurants online, and that’s just a hunch of what is happening with the way we eat.

Here is given a better glimpse of the way technology is satisfying our foodie heaven:

Buy grocery online

Not too long ago, weekends weren’t only a call to party nights. It was also about getting ready for hours of battle in jam-packed grocery stores. While struggling to save your trolley from bumping into other people, it was such a mess to squeeze your place to get a hand on the box of apples. Nonetheless, grocery ecommerce shopping has made our weekends really struggle-free because you can now buy everything online.

Many big stores, as well as new start-ups, have opened e-commerce grocery stores where you can shop your whole grocery list while relaxing on your sofa. A digital gadget, internet connection, and an online payment method, and everything will be delivered to your doorstep.

Let others cook for you

Fast-food franchises have been offering home delivery for some time, but what if you are home alone and don’t feel like cooking at home, but crave home-cooked food? Ah! It even sounds so helpless! But not now…

Many people have started home cooking services to earn some more bucks in this economy and people are enjoying this concept! Before people were reaching out to home chiefs through their social media profiles, but now some apps connect local cooks and foodies. So, you can download such apps and find a cook for the days when you are craving for home-made baked potatoes and rice.

Gourmet at home

Just think of the days when you had a plan to have a family dinner at a restaurant, but it started raining. The mere thought of eating a loaf of bread with broth when you were supposed to have a buffet is so traumatizing. Now, many apps are offering take-away dining services to save your mood on rainy nights. These apps are partnering with restaurants and cafes to bring convenience, feasibility and taste in your life. I mean, you can put a raincoat and step outside, sure, but come on, we don’t want to get splashed by the rain all the time. So, these apps are coming to save us!

Some might fear that these technological innovations can turn us into couch potatoes, but let’s admit that deep inside, we are loving our changed eating style.

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