Three Missing After A Boat Catches Fire In Marsa Alam

Three are currently missing following a fire that broke out on a sea cruise on the Egyptian Red Sea. The incident occurred off the coast of Marsa Alam. 15 passengers had been on board along with 12 crew members and 2 guides. 12 of the passengers were rescued from the boat called Hurricane, the three individuals remain unaccounted for.

According to authorities, initial reports suggest that the fire, which happened at 6:30 local time, was caused by an electrical fault. The boat had been on a dive cruise and was due to return on Sunday after leaving Port Ghalib on June 6. The Red Sea governorate has confirmed that all of those who were rescued are in good health. However, an investigation has been launched by the public prosecution office, and initial examinations have found an electrical short circuit in the engine room.

The incident occurred while the crew was conducting the diving briefing at Elphinstone Reef, a popular diving destination known for its diverse marine life. The Red Sea is a well-known location for diving trips, and the area is frequented by tourists from all over the world.

The Red Sea Governorate has assured the public that a search is still underway for the missing individuals by concerned authorities and other boats. The Ambulance Authority and the Directorate of Health Affairs have also been notified to raise the level of readiness, and follow-up measures are being taken.

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