36 Passengers Rescued Off Sinking Boat In Red Sea

A group of 26 Polish tourists, along with two guides and eight boat crew members were rescued on Wednesday, June 7 when the boat sank off the coast of the Red Sea in Marsa Allam. This dramatic rescue was broadcast via a live stream, showing the boat slowly sinking into the water as rescue teams rushed to help the passengers.

The capsized boat, known as the New Dream, sank after colliding with coral reefs in the area, resulting in its hull to crack. The tourists were on a diving excursion when the boat sank. Luckily, a nearby launch was able to rescue them and transport them to safety. Local media reported that the passengers were transported to a port in Marsa Allam, where they received medical attention. Fortunately, no serious injuries were sustained by the passengers. 

This incident comes just a few months after a triple-decker diving cruise carrying 35 people ship capsized in the Red Sea. The Red Sea is renowned for its stunning coral reefs, making diving a popular activity in the area. However, these same reefs may also make sailing dangerous. Despite this, Egypt has been actively promoting tourism.

In fact, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Ahmed Eissa recently announced that Egypt received over 1.3 million tourists in April. It is also estimated of a total of 15 million visitors will pass through by the end of the year. With these efforts, Egypt is well on its way to achieving its tourism goals.

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