This Small Act of Kindness in Hurghada Will Definitely Restore Your Faith in Humanity!

Amidst the tragedy and sadness that is surrounding this world, we can always appreciate any glimpse of kindness. This following forbearing and very simple situation reminds us of how the generosity of people can make life easier, and it definitely restored our faith in humanity. A thoughtful client in Vodafone, Hurghada branch was touched, when she saw a little girl selling napkins, standing in the store in front of the phone display area.  With no interruptions, the little girl enjoyed playing with the device, and it seemed that it was not her first time to do so. That little child, was for a few minutes, living a happy childhood moment.

دخلنا فودافون فرع شيراتون الغردقه واحنا مستنيين لقينا البنت اللي بتبيع مناديل واحد من العاملين في الفرع سمحلها تلعب في…

Posted by Nouran Sediq on Monday, September 17, 2018

What is really admirable, from the spectator’s point of view, is that everyone in the branch did not shout at her or try to kick her out. They chose to be kind and let her play in peace. while this might not be the perfect scenario for that little girl, we can appreciate that at least, the people inside the place did not add to her unfair daily routine.

WE SAID THIS: It looks like there is goodness in this world after all!