This Online Platform Is Helping Egyptians With Disabilities Find Employment

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Can this be the most humane website in Egypt? The gracious site titled “Majidah” is an online platform that helps people with disabilities enter the job market. The website’s good spirit is taking a step forward in the region by connecting employers and companies to the right candidates.

Magda Samy is a social worker and founder of Ebtessama, and Majidah is a continuation of her selfless work. Their partnership with Vodafone has enormously supported the launch of the platform to reach out to Egypt’s more-than-a-dozen million citizens living with disabilities. The digitalized act of kindness is breaking down barriers and re-shaping norms in the Middle East.

Thanks to the non-discriminating platform, instead of resentment and indifference, mental or physical disability isn’t a barrier to living a full life. This will drastically improve Egypt’s living conditions and inclusivity. Hopefully, the website will soon expand to neighbouring Arab countries.

WE SAID THIS: Projects like these never fail to put a smile on our face!